December 7, 2013

A Celebration of the Life and Work of James Hillman

The opening on Saturday morning featured welcoming remarks given by Executive Director Larry Allums and Director of Publications and Founding Fellow Joanne Stroud; a film of Founding Fellows James Hillman, Gail Thomas, Robert Sardello, and Joanne Stroud together in conversation at the Dallas Institute; and a short video of Tom Moore expressing his support for the Celebration.

Session I: Myth, Mythopoesis, and Art

Dennis Slattery, Nor Hall, and Margot McLean

Session II: Creative Imagination

Tom Cheetham, Joanne Stroud, and Randolph Severson

Session III: Soul and Death

Klaus Ottmann, Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

Session IV: Imaginal World Awareness

Robert Sardello, Gail Thomas, Scott Churchill

Session V: Soul in Archetypal Psychology

Patricia Berry, Michael Sipiora, Robert Romanyshyn, and Robert Kugelmann