OCTOBER 16, 2015

The opening Friday evening featured welcoming remarks given by Executive Director Larry Allums and Director of Publications and Founding Fellow Joanne Stroud; a poetry reading by Margot McLean (“Senex & Puer: An Oblique Approach”); a poetry performance by Nor Hall (“Conversing in Memoriam”); and a presentation on the imagination by author Richard Lewis (“A Gathering of Hands”), followed by a conversation with Matthew Green on the puer (“The Senex-Puer Split in The Little Prince”), moderated by Larry Allums.

OCTOBER 17, 2015

Session I: Glen Slater (“Hillman’s Metapsychology,” Robert Sardello (“The Rhythmical Character of Senex-et-Puer”), Scott Becker (“Titanomachy: Finding Senex & Puer in the Twenty-first Century”), Rodney Teague (“Archetypal Thinking as Imaginal Practice”)

Session Leaders: Joanne Stroud, Pat Berry

Session II: Gustavo Barcellos (“Notes on Horizontality: Continuity, Penetration, Soul and the Sibling Archetype”), Joanne Stroud (“Poetry Weaves Together the Split in the Senex-Puer Archetype”), Tom Cheetham (“Errands to an Adjoining Zone”)

Session Leaders: Robert Sardello, Gail Thomas

Session III: Sarah Jackson (“Puer Women and Female Heroes”), Cheryl Sanders-Sardello (“On Being Too Big: Senex-Puer Contemplations”), Gustavo Beck (“The Hidden Senex and the Dying Puer: A Eulogy to James Hillman’s Monotheistic Polytheism”), Gail Thomas (“Entertaining Ideas on Senex and Puer”)

Session Leaders: Pat Berry, Glen Slater

Closing – James Hillman Unplugged – tap-dance video introduced by Margot McLean

Conversing with James Hillman:
Senex & Puer

Introduction from
Dr. Joanne Stroud

Dear Attendees,

Welcome to the 4th annual James Hillman Symposium held here in Dallas. We are so glad that you are joining us as we celebrate the works of renowned archetypal psychologist and Founding Fellow of the Dallas Institute, James Hillman. We, Drs. Gail Thomas, Robert Sardello, and I, assisted by Dr. Larry Allums as Director of the Institute, are engaged in keeping Hillman’s valuable words alive in the world. By hosting these annual symposiums and by producing a publication each year, we seek to share Hillman’s wit and wisdom with longtime friends as well as new ones, making our way, year-by-year, through his multivolume Uniform Edition that we co-publish with Spring Publications.

This weekend we will be digging into the third volume:  Senex and Puer. C. G. Jung designated this archetype with the Latin words for old and young, terms that apply not simply to chronological ages. Hillman expands the significance of this complex as pervasive, as an integral part of every stage and every aspect of personality. It strongly influences beliefs and behavior. His delineations help us to grasp the underlying divisions that we face in the clashes between generations, between fundamentalisms and modernism, between male and female genders. I think that you will find this volume one of Hillman’s finest works and most vital for the time of fractured polarities in which we live today.

Following the Symposium, we will again publish a compilation of written papers from this weekend in our Conversing with James Hillman series; the first followed last year’s conference, City and Soul. I look forward to the Symposium this weekend and also look ahead with anticipation for next year’s event.

Best regards,

Dr. Joanne Stroud
Director, James Hillman Symposium and Publications Division