Jean Lall

    Jean Lall is an independent scholar, astrological consultant, and psychotherapist in Baltimore. A Texan on her father’s side, she majored in English at Southern Methodist University and went on to teach in India under the Fulbright Program and then to serve on the Peace Corps staff. Her M.A. thesis (Lesley University) explored astrology as a depth-psychological theory and method. Her ongoing research interests include the divinatory aspects of psychotherapy (traditional and modern) and the hermeneutics of images (literary, religious, divinatory, oneiric, and artistic). Her publications include a book co-edited with Angela Voss, The Imaginal Cosmos: Astrology, Divination and the Sacred. She has taught courses and seminars in archetypal studies through the Institute for the Study of Imagination and at the University of Kent, where she pursued postgraduate research in cosmology and divination. Currently, she serves on the executive committee of the International Association for Jungian Studies. (2016, 2017)