Randolph Severson

    Randolph Severson,Ph.D., is a therapist and author, whose writings comprise an effort toward a “Roots Psychology,” an effort to get to the root of the things that matter—the things that matter at least to him: Soul, Family, Religion, Culture, History, Tradition, Ambition, Honor; and, to speak them in a manner true to his roots. Severson grew up in Oak Cliff, Dallas, with family roots deep in East Texas, coming over from Mississippi before the Revolution. That is, he speaks a language Biblical- and Blues-oriented, a blend of Shakespeare and the classics, the courtroom and the pulpit, the local politician thundering on the stump, and the Revival Preacher beneath the tent on a hot summer’s evening, beneath the stars, beside a gurgling creek whose fireflies, whippoorwills, and croaking frogs provide a background and a chorus. The touchstone for his work has always been James Hillman, whose example, guidance, and inspiration to “think on these things” and to speak it in a native tongue is, among the great psychologists, unrivaled. (2013, 2014, 2017, 2018)

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