Robert Leaver

    Robert Leaver is the editor of City & Soul, Volume 2 of the Uniform Edition of the Writings of James Hillman. A community psychologist, he has 42 years of experience organizing over 800 community-place based projects for clients, mostly locally and regionally. As a social entrepreneur, Leaver helped develop many long-standing organizations, including the New England Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) and the Entrepreneurship Forum of New England (EFNE), a professional guild for entrepreneurs, creators, investors and resource providers founded in 2001. He is the founder and convener of New Commons–a type of think tank founded in 1982 and located in Providence, Rhode Island. It is place-based with that place being a city, an island, a village, an organization, or a wild card–all with soul. New Commons’ clients–cities, villages and human networks–need tangible results, so it helps them build a fresh network composed of the right capabilities, and then mobilizes that network of know-how to get the job done: Think, Link, Do. Leaver’s project work and writing focus on shaping our culture, locally and regionally. The work is also place-based with the whole mattering more than the parts. This work combines bringing forward the past, especially soul, with what comes next. Handling the tensions of the past and the future is a constant, creative pursuit. Specifically his work and writing are about: business and ecology; change and what holds constant; city and soul; digital technology and culture; next economy and place; makers and movers; organizations and whole systems; teaching and learning; resilient and sustainable communities. Leaver is also an Eagle Scout. (2014)